Future Farmers of India

Thanks for showing interest in farming training. With the vision of healthier world, we are trying to build a batch of educated smart farmers for tomorrow. This is introductory session to the farming world. Most of the educated people see 'Farming' as a 'blackbox' and something which is alien to new age world. But, that's not the case, it's not rocket science, and anyone can do farming and grow natural healthy produce for their family. Also, people who are interested in doing farming full-time, can earn their livelihood as well from farming if they do it in smart way. Interested folks can fill below form.

Date: 25 Jan 2020
Time: 6PM to 8PM
Location: Gachibowli
Fee: Rs.500
Payment method: Google pay: 7097938570 (Please enter the reference number in the below form)
Max batch: 30.
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