Customer Service

 Create an Account

You can create an account by clicking My Account at the top of the page. Then just fill in required fields and click create an account.

As soon as your account is created, you can save your billing and address information to check out faster. You’ll also be able to access your orders and order history.

Even if you don’t have account you can go ahead and start buying. When you enter, the billing details your account will be automatically created and you will be sent a mail for the same.


Add to Cart

1. Click on the item

2. Choose size, unit of measure and quantity as needed.

3. Click add to cart.


Checkout and Pay

1. After adding all the items to the cart, you can click on your cart on the right top.

2. View cart to make changes to items chosen.

3. Continue to shop or choose checkout.

4. Sign in with your email address and password or if you are a new user continue to enter your billing details

5. Select the payment model and place your order

Shipping Information

Order Deadline – We stop taking orders 2 days prior to the harvest.

Tracking Information – Not yet supported.

Order Pick Up –  We do not offer pick-up of orders as of now.

Delivery of Products –  We promise delivery within 24 hours of the harvest.

Delivery Address –

It is best to have packages sent to a business or to a place where there will be a person available to receive the delivery. Please keep in mind that we are not responsible for products that spoil if there is not someone to receive your delivery.

Return and Refund Policy

No return policy as of now. We aim at delivering fresh items.