Why Natural Foods?

Benefit for Farmers:

  1. Privatized seeds, inputs, and markets are inaccessible and expensive for peasants. Indian farmers increasingly find themselves in a vicious cycle of debt, because of the high production costs, high interest rates for credit, the volatile market prices of crops, the rising costs of fertilizers and pesticides, and private seeds. More than a quarter of a million farmers have committed suicide in India in the last two decades.
  2. Via natural farming route farmers have reduced farm expenses and a reduced need for credit, one of the major problems plaguing Indian farmers.

Benefit for Consumers:

  • It’s an ‘Aarogya Kranti’ – Health Revolution
  • More Nutrition
  • More Taste
  • No Pesticides / Herbicides
  • Less Chance of Food-Borne Illness
  • Better costs than organic food

Benefit for the Soil and Society:

By adopting natural farming techniques, over time improvements will be found in yield, soil conservation, seed diversity, quality of produce, household food autonomy, income, and health.