Why Choose us ?

100% Natural Foods

Everything Natural is our motto. Pesticides and herbicides are poison. It’s that simple. Their function is to poison things. Food that’s grown with the use of pesticides and herbicides are, therefore, poisonous.

Organic Vs Natural

Organic farming is based on composting and vermicompost techniques that have originated in western countries and actually pollute the atmosphere, as the resultant manures are known to emit huge quantities of greenhouse gases (methane).

No Middlemen – Farmer First, Customer First

We bring the produce DIRECT packaged from our FARMs to your doorstep. We and our fellow farmers agree crops and prices in advance considering the limited yield under NATURAL FARMING. The quality is assured by us (farmers) against the assured rate for the produce. This means they have assured income and you get the pick of the crop of GRADE 1 quality grown under natural farming.


Our produce is grown under natural farming with use of natural fertilizers hence the yields are 60% less as compared to chemical based farming. However,  our farming is conducted in groups and with proper schedules planned. The following are

  • Yield being lesser under natural farming
  • Packaging of customized baskets at the farms
  • Transportation from the farms
  • Lastly distribution & delivery to your Door Step

Yet the rates are reasonable and comparable with market rates

Organic food is much costlier

For instance when you add one ton of farmyard manure, cost of that one ton is  Rs. 300 – 400 and rate of one ton of vermicompost (Eisenia Foetida Excreta) is from 4000 to 5000 Rs., in big cities, it is 10000 Rs per ton. 10 to 20 times more exploitation in organic farming.
While practicing organic farming, you have to expend more for each input and you have to purchase it.

First Hand Experience

Jeevamrut Foods would be delighted to receive you at our farms, It will be our pleasure to be your host and take you through our farms where you can see your vegetables, process of making natural fertilizers and natural farming.

Farmer-Consumer Connect

Jeevamrut Foods invites farmers to the city very alternate week to interact with end consumers. Date and place would be communicated via SMS or call to the desiring consumers to meet and interact with us and our farmers.