About the Farm

The Jeevamrut Foods has been delivering natural products primarily vegetables with optimum shelf life, quality, flavor and nutrition direct from the select farms. Under the guidance of some of our natural farming experts we employ all traditional farming methods combined with innovative technology wherever feasible to make farming a lucrative option for the farmers.

In the type of methodology nothing needs to be purchased from the outside including pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. All things required for the growth of the plant are available around the root zone of the plants. But the nutrients in the soil are in the unavailable form which the roots cannot take it directly. This non-available form is converted to available form by the millions of micro-organisms. In the forest, they are present in tremendous amount (One crore per gram soil) who convert the non-available form nutrients into available form and make available to the plants. That is why there is no need to add any fertilizers from outside in the forest.

However, in our farm these nutrients are not available because the micro-organisms which help in converting them are destroyed by means of poisonous chemical and organic fertilizers, insecticides, weedicides and cultivation by the tractor. The question is how do we re-establish these micro-organisms in the soil? By applying the traditional farming techniques like spreading local cow dung to the farm which acts as a miraculous culture and manure in itself.

Everything that we do on the farm is integrally linked to the conversations we have been honored to enjoy with all the experts of the natural farming sector. Our success is derived from a steadfast will to not only survive, but thrive, in agriculture and to make farming a glamorous choice. This abiding commitment to deliver the highest quality, most nutritionally dense and flavorful products direct from the Mother Earth to your tables is what motivates and enriches our work and inspires us each and everyday.